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Collage Techniques on Canvas
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The collage techniques on canvas workshop: 

This collage workshop contains three lessons totaling 77 pages, sent to you in PDF file form. Lesson 1 goes over a half a dozen different background techniques for creating collage on canvas using everyday household products and acrylic paint. The techniques are shown via written instructions & photographs and are quite easy to do. We will spend one lesson exploring the varieties of all of the techniques on both canvas paper and canvas boards. Lessons 2 and 3 will take you from start to finish creating a collage. You'll work step-by-step through the creation of a number of mixed media collages. Work right along side Lenna as you learn about jump-starting your collage and how to layer. This 3 lesson workshop is designed for both beginning and experienced students and will give you the information and experience you need to create many collages on a canvas panel, a stretched canvas or even on mat board. 

Creative Lenna workshops come complete with step-by-step photos and detailed instructions via PDF files that are delivered automatically via a download link that is emailed to you. Additionally, you can reach Lenna via email with questions at anytime. 

The cost of this 3-lesson workshop is $35.00 payable via PayPal 

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Workshop Details

Lesson 1 - Collage on canvas Techniques: We will combine acrylic paints with a variety of household products - masking tape, tissue paper, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, plastic wrap, paper napkins, and salt! Together with paint, these common items create wonderful backgrounds and are a great way to get started working on canvas. 





Lesson 2: Are you ready to create a collage?
In this lesson I'll go over how to get started once you have made your background, the types of adhesives I recommend for paper and dimensional objects, plus a step-by step photo diary of creating a few collages. My goal in this lesson is for you to see the process of layering, learn how to get started and what to do along the way until you get to the point where you feel your collage is finished. This lesson will give you a number of ideas on getting started, how to follow through, add your own style and come up with a collage that is uniquely yours!                            


Lesson 3: Layering! More step-by-step instructions showing rubber stamping, using collage sheet images, found objects, skeleton leaves, fabric, beads, paper scraps, threads, charms, ribbons and more.




Collage Techniques on Canvas Workshop Comments

Sarah Boblit says, August 7, 2010: I took the collage and mini book classes with Lenna. Her classes gave me a great foundation for making collage and quilties. The PDF’S were always there to refer to and I still look up techniques all the time. I know I won’t have to search my books for the answer. 9 times out of 10 it’s right in my “Lenna Book.” She was encouraging and enlightening and gave me a great foundation of information to draw on. And, she is just plain nice.

Rena Matus says, September 2008: I had a great time and I was really happy that I was actually able to finish a piece in class.

Claire Hoey says, August 7, 2010: This class was so much fun. I was a total beginner when I did it and couldn't believe how Lenna helped me achieve such wonderful results with so much ease. I have used the techniques over and over since learning them. A really friendly experience. I jump at any chance to learn from Lenna as you get so much information. Her classes are always so informative and inspirational!  

Bec Clarke says, August 6, 2010: I have read all the way through the course and am finished most of the exercises. I am a beginner in the mixed media and collage areas and this was really great to get me started with a heap of wonderful background ideas and then lots of ideas and inspiration on how to use them. It was well set out, great step-by-step and lots of amazing photo’s. I highly recommend this course, especially for a beginner in the collage field. There is so much information out there that it can be quite overwhelming but this course is a wonderful place to get you started and lose the fear of the blank page/canvas.

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